Hi there, I’m Todd with perfectsmoked.com!

About 1Where to Start

I come from a great family, and as you can imagine, we had our fair share of barbecues.

My dad is a true mans man, and has owned a number of grills. Ranging from gas to charcoal. Till one Christmas my Mom decided to get him a pellet grill. My brother isn’t much of a meat eater, but I am. I quickly learned what it took to make a decent grill and what goes into cooking a better piece of meat.

Getting my Dad to let me help cook wasn’t an easy task. The first years involved a lot of watching and just observing. Seeing what different types of rubs, spices, brines, etc went into making the best BBQ. Eventually he let me help with different tasks like flavor injecting and prepping meats to marinate.

As I got older, and we got to more advanced things like pellet grills I was aloud to man the station and take over control of the grilling process. I don’t think many people understand the time it takes to cook a piece of meat. Not many people have the time to dedicate to cooking chicken for 6 hours, but when you love what you do, it’s easy.

A Career in BBQ?

Although my dad was a truck driver, and I had a degree in Information Technology I knew that I wanted to do something about grilling and our recipes. That’s where Perfect Smoked comes in. I knew with my background in IT, I would be able to create a website where myself and my Dad could document our reviews of products and our recipes.

So…Why PerfectSmoked.com?

Well, since we now have a pellet grill, I knew I wanted the site to involving smokers and this style of grilling. There are dozens of pellets and thousands of ways to cook game. There seemed to be a serious lack of review style sites and recipes particularly for pellets so that’s where this site came into play. Truth be told there is just a lack of information, and you see and hear a lot of the same questions, often.


Are you looking for best quality smokers & grills OR facing difficulty in selecting one? If yes, you are at the right place as we are here to help you. This website is particularly designed to bring awareness to customers about a wide range of barbecue grills available in the market.

My Aim:

  • To provide genuine information about various products.
  • To help people select the right product.
  • To provide a platform for solving problems related to rills buying.

My Offerings

Usually customer’s knowledge about any product is limited to its brand name. They are not familiar of features and specification of various products. As a result of which they select the wrong product. In order to bring awareness to customers, we offer following things at this website:

  • Comprehensive reviews of grills and smokers
  • Highlighting the features, pros and cons
  • Comparison between various products
  • Things to consider when buying smokers and grills

Thus, if you are interested in buying a smokers or grill, then you can consult this platform. Moreover, you can also contact us online as our professionals are here to help you round the clock. This platform is no doubt the best option for people who are looking forward to buy exclusive product.

If you have any questions about electric smokers then you can use thecontact pageto email us your questions!

Chef Todd