Lets’ face it, no one likes to clean a BBQ. It ranks right up there with oven cleaning, only worse!
However, there are some things you can do to make it easier and quicker.  We’ll tell you all about them but we also need to chat about the things NOT to do.
But first, here is a summary of how to clean a BBQ grill


We all love our barbecue grill for the wonderful and tasty foods it delivers. However, when it comes time to cleaning it, that’s another story. Fact is no one really enjoys the arduous, and sometimes difficult task, of cleaning their grill. But have no fear. We have put together a great guide on how to easily and quickly clean your barbecue grill in a few simple steps.

Cleaning your grill is very important for various reasons. For the most part, keeping it clean will extend the life of your grill and promotes safer cooking. Allowing the gunk and grease to sit on the grill without cleaning it is not sanitary or even safe.


Before you begin to clean your grill, be sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s cleaning suggestions. Certain grills react differently to some cleaning products and using one that’s not recommended, may damage it.

Safety tips to remember

The very first thing to make sure that you do to ensure safety, is to allow the grill time to cool down before attempting to clean it. Also, if it’s electric, make sure it is unplugged. If it is a gas grill, make certain the gas is turned off. Gather items such as a grill hard wire brush, gloves, soapy water to soak parts, paper towels and aluminum foil

Cook the grime off

If you want to make it easier to remove grime, grease and food particles, turn the grill back on for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Doing this will bake and carbonize most of the leftover gunk. It will also make cleaning your BBQ grill and their parts, much easier.

Attack other parts

After the barbecue grill has cooled down once again, begin to scrub the parts with a steel brush. Since grease and grime can get into many places of the grill, be sure to check and clean all the different places. Use the aluminum foil to cover certain parts, such as burners or other openings. This will prevent anything from getting in there.

Avoid certain harmful cleaning products

Begin with warm, soapy water to wash the bars and other parts. Remember to avoid using certain cleaning products which can be very abrasive and damage your grill or the surfaces. Also, refrain from using tools which could damage it as well. Just in case, there are numerous cleaning products tailored just for cleaning BBQ grills. Always test cleaners on a small area of your grill to make sure they won’t harm it.


[wpmfc_cab_si]Tip – Some people use an onion, cut in half, to clean the grease and other parts of the grill as well. Using this method will not only help to remove the grime, it will also kill germs and bacteria, which is great for your cooking safety.[/wpmfc_cab_si]

Once you are done, rinse and dry all the parts and grill right away. To prevent rusting, rub on vegetable oil lightly on the parts.

While most people may be hesitant to want to  clean their grill and leave it dirty, keep in mind that allowing the gunk and  grime to sit is not a great idea. Not only will it make cleaning it harder the next time, it will also hurt the overall lifespan of your grill.

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